"Stop it!
Stop taking pictures!"

These were the words of my annoyed friends in high school because I was photographing EVERYTHING that we were doing.

But guess what?

More than 10 years later only ONE thing didn't change

I am still obsessed with capturing

Vasil Bituni Hochzeitsreportage

Hello. My name is Vasil and I am a wedding photographer based in Berlin

I’ve been

a photographer

for 9 years

Documenting weddings in some of the most beautiful locations in Berlin and abroad.

My Journey Through Photography

I grew up in the South of Albania, next to the sea, where the sun shines 300 days a year. Both my parents are photographers and I spent most of my childhood in our studio developing films and learning the basics of photography.

like every teenager I loved:

Super Mario

Warm Summer Nights

and secretly Spice Girls

I finished my studies in economics

but my love for photography was stronger

hochzeitsfotograf berlin wedding photographer berlin




they’re REAL




I get to meet my clients

when they’re sober and tipsy (:

Vasil Bituni Fotograf Berlin

can I tell you a


Did you realize that there are only three pictures of myself on the entire website? This is because I hate being in front of the camera and feeling awkward because I don’t know what to do with my hands, my body or where to look at. It sucks


Does this sound familiar?


I Never Pose My Couples

but instead

I give you clear directions

We play silly games

We laugh together

And you will forget about the camera

Berliner Mauer Paarshooting Hochzeit

this is how

I capture genuine laughter

and real emotions

hochzeitsfotografie berlin

this is how

I capture genuine laughter

and real emotions

now it's your turn

tell me your story. tell me your secret. or just tell me your favorite series

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